Brazilian Rhythms for the Jazz Drummer: Beyond Bossa and Samba

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Pedrinho Augusto

  • Played and/or recorded with artists like Gilberto Gil, Dominguinhos, Jovino Santos Neto, Michael Pipoquinha and many more
  • Masters in Contemporary Performance at Berklee College of Music
  • Masters in Jazz Performance at University of Louisville
  • Bachelor in Music Education at Universidade de Brasília – Brazil
  • 20+ Years Playing Drums
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The Brazilian Rhythms for the Jazz Drummer: beyond Bossa and Samba its especially developed to introduce and provide the tools for the drummer to incorporate four Brazilian Rhythms to her/his playing. The information and tools delivered in the course, if well applied, have the potential to transform your rhythmic awareness, versatility, technique, and musicality for the better.

The course consists of lectures and demonstrations of four Brazilian Rhythms from scratch: Ijexá, Baião, Xote and Frevo; different ways to apply all of them musically; and a diverse array of complimentary content about technique, practicing and more. This is going to give you a new toolbox for your Jazz drumming and drumming in general!

Type of Class:

  • 6 recorded classes (+- 60 min) + 2 Live Zoom meetings classes (90-120min)
  • All Zoom meetings classes will be recorded and archived for those who could not participate live and for those wishing to review.

Target audience:

  • Drummers who play some Brazilian Rhythms in their gigs and want to go further with their drumming and rhythmic knowledge.
  • Beginners on drums wanting to learn new rhythms. Reading music is recommended but not mandatory. The rhythms will be taught from scratch.
  • Any musician, especially rhythm section’s, interested in learning Brazilian Rhythms beyond Bossa and Samba.

Course length:

  • All material will become available at once with the purchase. You will have access to everything until March 31st.
  • Recorded classes will be around an hour long and the Zoom meetings will be between 90 and 120 minutes depending on the amount/complexity of the questions.
  • All Zoom meetings will be recorded and will stay available for the whole period.

The course will help you to successfully build a foundation that you can use to:

  • Expand your possibilities behind your instrument.
  • Guide your researches about Brazilian music if you don`t know where to start.
  • Find tunes that are easy to rearrange to be played in one of the rhythms you learned.
  • Develop your coordination and interdependence on drums to the next level.
  • Be a more versatile musician widening your possibilities of work.

For each Rhythm I will present to you:

  • A brief origin and cultural context.
  • Description + audio and video examples
  • The basic patterns for each of the percussion instruments of its’ instrumentation.
  • Different ways to accommodate the original percussion patterns to the drum set.
  • Exercises to develop the coordination and interdependence required.
  • Groove examples in different levels and tempos.
  • Play-along track recorded by Brazilian musicians.
  • Practicing guide video to make your practice sessions more effective.
  • Advanced techniques that can be applied to the rhythm.
  • My approach on mixing a drum set with a percussion set for more colorful possibilities.
  • Performance of at least one song showing how the rhythm is applied.
  • Ways of applying the Rhythm over Jazz tunes.
  • A PDF with Grooves and Exercises will be provided
  • Supporting content about practicing, kit ideas, and body percussion will be mixed with the classes about the rhythms.


  • Class 1 – The Course + The Xote Rhythm
  • Class 2 – The Baião Rhythm + How to be a good student
  • Class 3 – The Ijexá Rhythm + Practice Session
  • Class 4 – Live Session, February, 2022 (TBA)
  • Class 5 – The Frevo Rhythm + Your sound on the Drum Set
  • Class 6 – Appling the rhythms in the Jazz setting + Body Percussion Practice
  • Class 7 – The Mix-Kit
  • Class 8 – Live Session, February, 2022 (TBA)