Beyond The Note: Jazz Music Essentials – #5 Our Individual Personality

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#5. Our Individual Personality

Our individual unique personality, this is the single most valuable possession we have as artists.

There is only one of each of us and with the reality of that truth we can begin to gain the confidence and appreciation of the great gift of creative music in ourselves and others.

Taking our eyes off ourselves, listening and responding creatively to what we hear with the confidence, strength and flexibility that comes from all the time we have spent practicing. In this way our personality is truly expressed spiritually and musically.

Music is both physical and spiritual. Some of the physical attributes are intonation, time, technique, endurance and strength, and the spiritual aspects include patience, emotions, character, commitment, calling and purpose which are a product of our personality and the qualities of the substance within the note.

Learning to be thankful for the gift of our individual personality will help give us the ability not only to enjoy our own music without the fear or influence of destructive opinions and judgments of others, but also the freedom to enjoy the music and respect the talents of others without condemnation or comparisons.