Beyond The Note: Jazz Music Essentials – #6 Practice Schedule and Concertration

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#6. Practice Schedule And Concentration

Freedom comes from discipline. Preparing a daily practice schedule for our musical needs will help to organize our thoughts and give us a clear perspective about what has to be learned.

It’s very important to set a minimum time limit for practicing and then to be consistently faithful, adhering to that amount of practice time each day. Some students/musicians may have only 10 minutes a day to spend practicing, while others can afford 30 minutes, or an hour or two. It’s the consistency…I found for myself that practicing 6 days a week and leaving 1 day free made for great results

Concerning the concentration while practicing, I suggest practicing no longer than 45 minutes at one time. Take a five or ten minute break, and then continue practicing. Make sure that there are no distractions…no telephones, T.V., or other interruptions. If at all possible, the practicing should be total concentrated time with no interruptions and…Always practice with a metronome. Always practice everything in time.

Whenever the instrument is played, in every situation, we must practice putting ourselves in the moment with total concentration, focus and always playing in time to the very best of our ability. We must develop good practice habits.

We must learn to make the transition from the practice room to a performance situation.