Beyond The Note: Jazz Music Essentials – entire lecture series ( all 10 topics)

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My new lecture series Beyond the Note…Jazz Music Essentials, is based on my experience over the past 60 years, performing in concerts and recording with jazz legends, my own groups and presenting jazz workshops worldwide in over 31 countries including the USA.

This lecture series has 10 topics discussed and are between 45-60 minutes each. The topics are:

1. Learning to Follow the Music in a Small Ensemble context
2. Listening and Communication
3. Time
4. Patience
5. Our Individual Personality
6. Practice Schedule and Concentration
7. Eliminating Fears During a Performance
8. Three Multiple Daily Jazz Vitamins
9. Composition
10. Music Business

I sincerely hope that my lecture series Beyond the Note…Jazz Music Essentials will benefit all the musicians that hear it. I have carefully tried to communicate basic principles that I feel are essential for the creative jazz musician. Similar ideas were imparted to me as a young musician growing up in Seattle, Washington by some of the great musicians that I came in contact with in the 1960’s such as, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Jimmy Garrison, Albert Stinson, Horace Silver, Kenny Drew Sr., Pete LaRoca, Elvin Jones, and later on performing and/or recording with Stan Getz, Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, Chick Corea, Mal Waldron, Michael Brecker, John Scofield, Dizzy Gillespie and many others, became my university of the street.

The primary goal of this lecture series is to help broaden the musician’s ability and vision of music in his or her own life by explaining: How to organize a practice schedule, How to participate in a small group format, Strengthening the time feel, Learning to have an understanding about purpose and commitment, Establishing confidence, Cultivating patience, Overcoming fears while playing music, How to reveal the special qualities and uniqueness of each individual student/musician through listening, what to listen for and composition.

The initial intent of this lecture series is to offer hope, encouragement, eliminate fears, improve technical skills and establish confidence in the student musician’s musical life style.

David Friesen