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Teacher Pat Harbison uses imitation, humor, and encouragement to help you play and analyze the vocabulary that makes up the language of jazz improvisation.

Much of jazz pedagogy focuses on the application of jazz theory and memorization of patterns and sequences in all keys. But the jazz tradition was always primarily an active process involving listening and emulation. Musicians would listen and learn through a process of imitation, trial, and error. This would eventually guide the players to their own voice without adherence to a system of rules.

For this class we will apply a modern version of this “old school” approach. During each session Pat will create and demonstrate etudes based on frequently played and accessible tunes. Students will learn each solo by ear phrase by phrase. Some learning will happen in class, but students who need to take more time will have access to recordings of each session for further exploration during the week.

After students have learned the etude, we will apply some theoretical analysis. Ears first, theory later. Just as you learned to speak, you can learn to improvise through call and response.

Each session and solo will focus on a different musical concept such as bebop scales and licks, triad pairs, pentatonic scales, playing “in and out,” etc.

For intermediate through advanced jazz improvisers.

LIVE SESSIONS from May 19 to July 7
Wednesdays, 5:00pm – 6:30pm EDT

This class may be taken synchronously on Zoom or asynchronously.