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Teachers: Pat Harbison and Meghan Pund

Many people are excellent musicians when reading music or interpreting written compositions but are befuddled or terrified by the idea of improvisation.This will be an class (and maybe a self help group) for skilled music readers who are terrified of or intimidated by improvising (classical musicians, music teachers, community band musicians, etc). Improvisation is an active process that involves the total musician.

This class will focus on developing the ability to create moods, affects, and feelings. We will utilize theme and variations and other familiar composition techniques and develop aural skills as applied to your instrument. Unlike most jazz pedagogy, we will not focus in these first stages on music theory or devices or memorizing licks and patterns. We will mostly look at improvising in the jazz style, we will also do a variety of improv activities that can lead into other styles and realms. Each session will include homework assignments which will receive personalized feedback from the instructor team.

LIVE SESSIONS from May 18 to July 6.
Tuesdays, 5:00pm – 6:30pm EDT

This class may be taken synchronously on Zoom or asynchronously.

Meghan Pund
Meghan Pund is a saxophonist and clarinetist residing in Louisville, Kentucky. Though she initially studied classically, her musical interests and endeavors span many different genres. While pursuing an undergraduate degree in classical clarinet, Meghan attended Jamey Aebersold’s Summer Jazz Workshops on a scholarship from the local jazz society. The experiences she had there led her to pursue her graduate degree (and a life) in jazz.

Pat Harbison
Jazz trumpeter Pat Harbison has taught jazz at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music since 1997. He has been on the faculty of the Jamey Aebersold Jazz Workshops since 1976. Previously he taught trumpet and jazz at the University of Cincinnati for 13 years.
Pat became intent on a career in music in his early teens, when he became a protégé of jazz education pioneer, Jamey Aebersold. After graduating from the University of Louisville he spent time in New York City studying with Carmine Caruso. He later returned to his native Indiana for graduate study in jazz with David Baker, Dominic Spera and trumpet with William Adam
Pat has performed and recorded with his own groups around the world. In over five decades as a jazz trumpet artist and educator, Pat has performed at major jazz concerts and festivals and taught aspiring musicians about jazz around the world.