Jazz Repertoire: Maximizing Your Potential

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Type of Class:
Pre-recorded Zoom Sessions with comments and discussion.

Target Audience:
Open to all musicians. Any instrument. Any skill level (except absolute instrument beginner). Students should be able to read music and have basic command of the instrument.

Course Length & Frequency: 
8 Pre-recorded Zoom Sessions
Session length is between 75 and 90 minutes depending on activity and discussion.

Helping you to successfully build a foundation that you can use to:

  • Expand your knowledge of tunes/repertoire.
  • Strengthen your knowledge of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic formula.
  • Improvise confidently and in a musical, jazz-like manner.
  • Experience different styles and approaches to improvisation.
  • Help you listen to others and yourself better, hearing the overall product while being able to focus on details.
  • Develop effective personal practice habits that work for you.
  • Be able to realistically assess your progress.

It has been my experience that you will grow musically and as an improviser and jazz musician.  You can anticipate:

  • A more secure knowledge of jazz theory – scale/chord application, harmonic progressions and rhythmic variety.
  • How to successfully learn a tune.
  • How to improvise in a jazz-like manner appropriate to the tune and style.
  • How to memorize efficiently.
  • How to establish an effective practice routine.