Jazz Repertoire – Selection, Practice and Performance

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Type of Class:
Pre-recorded Zoom Sessions with comments and discussion.

Target audience: 
Open to all musicians. Any instrument. Any skill level (except absolute instrument beginner). Students should be able to read music and have basic command of the instrument.

Course length and frequency:

  • 8 Pre-recorded Zoom Sessions
  • Session length will be between 75 and 90 minutes depending on activity and discussion.

Everyone struggles at times when selecting material, from the novice to professional. What tunes to practice, how to work on them and when are they ready to perform. There are so many choices and numerous approaches to practicing, which is the ‘right’ one for me? Many find it challenging knowing how to assess their progress, how to accentuate their strengths while addressing weaknesses. No wonder some find this overwhelming or frustrating and either stay stagnant or sadly give up. The Jazz Repertoire: Selection, Practice and Performance course will help you to address these challenges, these questions. The course is modeled on Jerry Coker’s Tune Vehicle concept. Where you select material that fits your skill level yet challenges you. Where you choose material that is varied yet limited, so that you can focus your attention to each without feeling overwhelmed. Where you can select material you should know with others that just excite you. Where you can successfully build a foundation that you can use to:

  • Expand your knowledge of tunes/repertoire.
  • Strengthen your knowledge of melodic, harmonic and rhythmic formula.
  • Develop effective personal practice habits that work for you.
  • Be able to realistically assess your progress.

Jerry Coker is an exceptionally insightful jazz educator and musician. He is someone who has always sought ways to explain and demonstrate effective ways of learning jazz. For those familiar with his many books, you know that Jerry is thorough, that he has a special way of opening minds. Jerry had me use the process when I studied with him and I immediately saw, no heard, results. I have used his Tune Vehicle concept for years with students of all ages, skill types, throughout the world – novice and undergraduate to graduate and professional players. It works and that is what this course will be based upon.