Jazz Saxophone Masterclass

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Type of Class:
Pre-recorded Zoom Sessions with comments and discussion.

Target Audience:
Open to all saxophonists. Other interested musicians welcome. Any skill level (except absolute instrument beginner). Students should be able to read music and have basic command of the instrument.

Course Length & Frequency:

  • 8 Pre-recorded Zoom Sessions
  • Session length will be 60 to 75 minutes depending on activity and discussion.


All musicians seek to improve as instrumentalists. It is a never-ending process and saxophonists continually work on topics like – tone, intonation, long tones, vibrato, and dynamics; technique, articulations and extended techniques; repertoire, tunes, transcriptions; scales, chords, patterns and memorization; self-expression, improvisation and composition. We will study all things saxophone.

The Jazz Saxophone Master Class – Study the Masters course will help you to address these topics, these challenges, helping one to improve through various approaches to playing the saxophone. This course will study master jazz saxophonists, listening to how they play the saxophone, studying solos and compositions. Focus will be on how master saxophonists address the same challenges we all face. In addition, suggestions will be given on how to develop your personal practice routine focused on addressing your specific needs and goals as a saxophonist, improviser and musician.

Specific focus areas include:

  • Sound, tone, vibrato and intonation.
  • Compare and contrast master saxophonists and tones.
  • How to get the sound you are seeking.
  • How to play the saxophone in an efficient manner.
  • How to articulate in a jazz-like fashion.
  • How to play phrases like the masters.
  • Applying theory while working on your saxophone technique.
  • How to use scales, chords and pattern work to improve both your saxophone technique and improvisation skills.
  • How to transcribe and analyze a solo by a master musician so that you can apply in your playing.
  • Transcribing your solos.
  • Listening
  • How and what to listen for in a recording and in your own playing.
  • Practice routine
  • Establishing an effective practice routine.
  • Know what and how to practice.
  • Knowing how to adapt as you improve.