Pathways towards Greatness – Improvisation for All

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Pathways towards Greatness – Improvisation for All

This series now being used in 49 countries

Each Class meeting of this course will have 3 different components.

  • 1. Approach learning, ingraining, and integrating improvisation approaches from a chord tone perspective. Using a progressive and comprehensive approach, we will start at the very beginning of how to master chord tones and add step by step elements to significantly widen jazz vocabulary. These enhancements include: voice leading, passing tones, permutations, approach notes, enclosures, syncopation, and forward motion.
  • 2. Listen to and examine a tune and celebrate its unique qualities.
  • 3. Explore an aspirational concept to help you develop improvisational skills will be. Topics include: River of Rhythm, Play/Rest, Random Chords, Deep Practice, Transition/Position, StandUp,  Illusion of an Instrument.

Live, interactive classes. Free access during the course to SmartMusic software that will provide instant feedback on your playing. (a $29.99 value)

Instructor: Bob Sinicrope

Type of Class:

  • Live Zoom meetings with comments and discussion.
  • All classes will be recorded and archived for those who could not participate live and for those wishing to review.
  • Free access during the course to SmartMusic software that will provide instant feedback on your playing. (a $29.99 value)

Target audience:

  • Open to all musicians. Any instrument at all skill levels. Students should be able to read music and have basic command of the instrument.
  • Especially beneficial for teachers.
  • Limited of 20 participants per class.


  • All levels would benefit from the course
  • Course length and frequency:
    • Weekly meetings for 8 weeks starting Tuesday July 19th at 9:00pm Eastern Time (Every Tuesday for 8 Weeks).
    • Session length will be between 60 to 75 minutes depending on activity and discussion.
    • All classes will be live and will be recorded:
    • Recordings will remain available for paid students to revisit and review.

Course description: Pathways towards Greatness – Jazz Improvisation for All

This course will help you understand how to understand, hear, and apply Jazz Language. The course will help you to:

  • Gain mastery and deepen your ability to play consonant pitches.
  • Allow you to create melodic solo lines by voice leading.
  • Deepen the rhythmic content of your soloing through syncopation and forward motion.
  • Introduce color and chromaticism into your solos.
  • Improvise confidently and in a musical, jazz-like manner.
  • Develop effective personal practice habits that work for you.


  • Professionally recorded backing tracks specific to our course will be provided.
  • PDF and/or access to online exercises to help you will be provided.
  • Strategies for how to practice and apply the concepts offered in class.
  • We will focus on F Blues as our constant chord changes but offer access to other chord tone progressions.
  • Explore informative/inspirational tunes not commonly performed.
  • Learn new approaches to enhance your practice and learning.

Endorsements of the Pathways towards Greatness series now being used in 49 countries

Randy Brecker –This series of Books, all so well organized and presented, getting straight to the point in all exercises is a must for beginners as well as professional musicians. Written for SmartMusic which allows for immediate feedback, and also utilizing all available 21st century technologies, Bob Sinicrope has set a new standard for teaching Jazz. literally finding “Pathways towards Greatness” always with “Building a Foundation in mind. Not to be missed

Gordon Goodwin – Bob Sinicrope has produced a wonderfully comprehensive method for learning to improvise that breaks new ground in how to explain and instruct students trying to understand this elusive artform. His Pathways Towards Greatness series distills the many elements involved in spontaneous creativity into understandable blocks, taking the student a step at a time as they assemble the tools and skill sets needed to be an effective improviser.
Bob approaches the topic from both a right and left brain point of view, with an appropriate balance between the musical nuts and bolts required and the intuitive and innate perspective that is so important when playing music. Highly recommended!

Denis DeBlasio –Clear, easy to understand and right to the point. From an educator who communicates a pathway into improvisation to a culture that may not have grown up side by side with this music. No tricks. A lot of wisdom here. In Bob we trust!

Victor Wooten –Bob Sinicrope’s Walking Bass Line Construction book is an amazing book for anyone learning to walk jazz bass lines. A very simple approach mixed with cutting edge technology not only makes it highly educational, but also enjoyable.