The Christian Musicians (lecture series)

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Lecture 1 discussing topics:

  • Introduction
  • The importance of developing a personal relationship with Christ

The lecture #1 contains my personal reasons for playing music, the insights I learn and how I grow with the knowledge of the Lord’s leadings. It is so important to have a personal relationship with Christ as He leads us in our musical ministry so we don’t serve our own wills, but the will of the Lord.

Lecture 2 discussing topics:

  • The gift of Discernment
  • The Substance inside the Note
  • What Does it Mean to Play For the Lord

Lecture #2 shares the importance of the gift of discernment, it is a very guiding light, a gift of the Holy Spirit. The musical note is only a container that hopefully carries the substance that heals, edifies, offers hope and glorifies the Lord. Playing for the Lord is defined as a spiritual commitment not a concept.

Lecture 3 discussing topics:

  • How do circumstances substantiate or not the will of God in our lives
  • Forgiveness
  • Judgment from the church and other Christians

Lecture #3 helps to define circumstances in our lives as  a guide. The importance of forgiveness opens the door to more creative power and as we continue our walk as a serious and committed Christian musician, we have to be able to differentiate the judgments that come against us as the Lord’s leading or not.

Lecture 4 discussing topics:

  • Thankfulness
  • The Power of Prayer
  • The Peace That Passes Understanding

Lecture #4 explores the power of thankfulness and the power of prayer…so vital are they both in the development and structure of our musical ministry. In this broken world there are so many adversaries and dark powers to unsurp authority over the music we play, but through this all, in Christ, there is a peace that passes understanding.

BONUS: Composition Lament for the Lost / Procession (composed and performed by David Friesen / solo bass)

There is bonus video that deals with the hope that comes as a powerful force united with the word of God that is our shield in a broken and perverse world.