You Too Can Play Brazilian Music

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Recorded Weekly Sessions Begin: 

Monday, February 15th

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  • Bonus Live sessions will be scheduled throughout for all those enrolled

Type of Class:

  • 8 professionally recorded sessions covering the following rhythms:
    • Baião
    • Xote
    • Ijexá
    • Choro
    • Samba
    • Samba Partido
    • Bossa Nova

    Each session will be consisting of:

    • Trio performance of a tune/rhythm being discussed that day
    • Three separate 15 to 20 minute sessions with each performer each explaining how to play that rhythm on their instrument:
    • Thiago Camargo (keyboard), Giovanni Sena (bass), Kiko Sebrian (drumset/percussion)

    … Followed by play-along session for each:

    • for drummers – keyboard and bass backing tracks
    • for keyboardist/guitarist – bass and drums backing tracks
    • for bassists – keyboard and drums backing tracks
    • for other instrumentalists/vocalists – keyboard, bass and drums backing tracks

    Target audience:

    • Open to all musicians, especially those interested in Brazilian rhythms
    • Any instrument but focused for rhythm section players. There will be lead sheets where non-rhythm section players can participate
    • Any skill level (except absolute instrument beginner). Students should be able to read music and have basic command of the instrument

    Course Length & Frequency: 

    • 8 Professionally Recorded sessions.


    The workshop “You Too Can Play Brazilian Music” aims to expose the characteristics of different music genres from Brazil. The content will be divided between three selected rhythms from the Northeast (Baião, Xote and Ijexá), and four selected rhythms from the Southeast (Choro, Samba, Samba Partido and Bossa Nova).

    The purpose of this workshop is to expose the students to genres other than Samba and Bossa, broadening their rhythmic vocabulary and understanding of the different aesthetics of Brazilian music. Through audio/video examples, backing tracks, and exercises, the students will have a set of tools to develop a deeper connection with the Brazilian music repertoire and to play that music with more confidence and familiarity.

    The course will be structured over recorded masterclasses, music video examples, written supplementary material and a zoom webinar where students will be able to bring their questions and discuss them with the instructors.

    Supplementary Material:

    • Scores and lead sheets
    • Written examples from the videos
    • Rhythmic and melodic exercises
    • List of artists and musical references
    • Backing tracks