Behind Brazilian Drumming

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Type of Class:

  • Live Zoom meetings with comments and discussion.
  • All classes will be recorded and archived for those who could not participate live and for those wishing to review.

Target Audience:

  • Open to all drummers and percussionists. Students should be able to read a bit of music rhythm notation and have basic command of the instrument.
  • Limited to 20 participants per class. Unlimited via recording

Course Length & Frequency: 

  • Each class will meet weekly for 8 weeks
  • Session length will be between 75 and 90 minutes depending on activity and discussion.
  • All classes will be live and those live sessions will be recorded:
    • Thursday September 24 – 8:00pm Eastern Time
    • Thursday October 1st -8:00pm Eastern Time
    • Thursday October 8 -8:00pm Eastern Time
    • Thursday October 15 -8:00pm Eastern Time
    • Thursday October 22 -8:00pm Eastern Time
    • Thursday October 29 -8:00pm Eastern Time
    • Thursday November 5 -8:00pm Eastern Time
    • Thursday November 12 -8:00pm Eastern Time

When playing Brazilian music it’s important to keep in mind that practically all Brazilian genres have their roots in percussion. From there those rhythms have been spreading out to classical instruments, the drum set, electric guitars, computers, you name it. Thus, rather than simply working only with pre established grooves, I believe that it is always important to check what is up on those primordial percussion instruments.

Throughout the period of eight weeks we will be approaching three Brazilian genres: Samba, Bossa and Baião, its characteristics and evolution. Always from the Percussion to the Drum set. We will be listening to recordings and getting to know the key names of Brazilian music, the drummers and the different scenarios where these rhythms are played.


  • Cut time feel (2/4)
  • 16th note subdivisions
  • Grooves on the percussion
  • Grooves on the drums
  • Comping in Brazilian music
  • Interaction mindset
  • The standards for those genres