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Who We Are

We are Jazz Educators from all over the world with a dedication towards sharing our passion for Jazz and Improvisation. 

Why We Are

We are here to educate the next generation of Jazz Musicians and Improvisers. YOU will carry on this music and educate future musicians. 

Where You Are

It doesn’t matter whether your a novice or pro. We have a place for you! We will get you on the right path with the right tools. 

How It Starts

Take the first step in your musical future. Don’t be intimidated or embarrassed. You come here to learn.  Relax and have fun!


Jazz Anywhere Pat Harbison

Pat Harbison

Bebop Language: Bebop Scales

Jazz Anywhere David Becker

David Becker

The Truth About Triads

Mike Tracy

Jazz Saxophone Masterclass

Jazz Anywhere Gabe Evens

Gabe Evens

Jazz Composition

Samir Kambarov

Jazz Improvisation I

Jazz Anywhere Barry Johnson

Barry Johnson

Introduction to Contemporary Electronic Media: Audio & Video

Jazz Anywhere Thiago Carmargo

Thiago Carmargo

Brazilian Piano Masterclass

Pedrinho Augusto

Brazilian Rhythms
for the Jazz Drummer: Beyond Bossa & Samba

Jazz Anywhere David Friesen

David Friesen

Lecture Series - Beyond the Note:
Jazz Music Essential

Jazz Anywhere Kiko Sebrian

Kiko Sebrian

Brazilian Drumming

Mike Tracy

Altered Dominant, Diminished & More

Mike Tracy

Listening to Jazz

Jazz Anywhere Kiko Sebrian

Kiko Sebrian

You Too Can Play Brazilian Music

Jazz Anywhere Pat Harbison

Pat Harbison

Bebop Language:
Melody, Rhythm & Style